Media faking it NL-style

Geert Wilders, liberal conservative and founder of the PVV (Partij voor Vrijheid), this week in a speaking engagement in Sloten, Friesland said:
I dare say our christian, jewish and humanistic culture is better than the islamic culture. We do not hang gays from cranes, we don't chop off hands in case of thievery. And I could go on citing many such examples
Rather harsh words to sensitive, PC, left-leaning ears. But not quite bad enough to roundly condemn Wilders as a racist. What is a mediocre hack of a mediocre paper to do?

Well, a mediocre hack employed by the Leeuwarder Courant found the solution: Creative rearranging of words does the trick quite nicely, thank you. So this morning readers of the paper or the site were treated to this:
Wilders fulminated as always about down-sliding morals and immigration policy gone "completely mad". "Our christian culture just is better than the Jewish or the islamic culture. We do not hang gays from cranes". All cultures are not equal, according to Wilders
It probably is too much to hope for that the cretinous pretend-journalist is fired on the spot for this loathsome bit of hackery. But he should! (h/t Free Expression)

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