A new map of Europe

Brussels Journal has a post up with details of a plan conceived by a group of German do-gooders to redefine borders in the EU within the framework of spatial development of the Euro zone. EURSOC reprted about this earlier.

The main drive behind this particularly daft/heinous scheme to wrest yet more power from national governments seems to be a Wolfgang Tiefensee, Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development and Mayor of Leipzig, who has said “There is the great hope underlying the goal of a United Europe that we can overcome old borders.”

As Brussels Journal rightly observes: There was a time, around 60-70 years ago, when a German came up with a grand scheme to overcome the old borders. That ended in an infinite amount of tears. Whatever happened to discretion being the better part of valour?

For those interested (and versed in German), here's the report on EUREK (PDF, page 3) by said do-gooders. It provides for some eye-opening and jaw-dropping reading (And for anyone else: the pictures in the report pretty much spell it out).

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