Tuesday linkage

Having gotten that out of my system, I'll proceed with linking to a couple of noteworthy stories.

First off, that Pope thing just will not go away. I fear what next Friday prayers will bring. Anyway, seems today, Khadaffi junior told the Pope to convert to islam. EU Referendum found the photo that tells you all you need to know of 'the muslim street'. In the mean time the BBC stands accused of stage managing the anti-papal furore.

It really is getting tedious, but France is once again siding with the enemy: Chirac calls for the threat of sanctions against Iran to be lifted.

That blasted EU "constitution" still has not gone off life support. Brussels Journal is reporting on attempts to sneak it through member state parliaments in the form of a 'mini-treaty', while Theodore Dalrymple is meditating on the faded looks of the lady we call the EU's capital.

In Lebanon Nazrallah, he of the black hand gang etc. etc., seems to not enjoy his 'victory' against Israel as one would have thought.

And finally, a new essay by Fjordman, reflecting on the role of the Christian Church in the fight for Western civilization.

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