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Osama bin Laden dead? Again? Western Resistance is also on this.

Pope rage continues unabaited: The Pope is a Jew, naturally, who should be crucified. And he should realize that without Islam Christianity would have been long gone (!). But conquering Rome will be the answer. And it's not just the men who say that. Luckily we have ABC to sooth our worried minds: the 'Day of Rage' rage isn't a day of rage, not really. But the Pope has some powerfull backers, as well.

Are we in for a major attack in the next few weeks?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has lunch and declares Europe "invertebrate". The journalist having lunch with Hirsi Ali observes:
Holland evidently tolerates everything except skepticism about the sacramental nature of multiculturalism. One million of the country's 16 million residents are Muslims, and the political left has appropriated the European right's traditional celebration of identity grounded in racial and ethnic traditions and culture. But the recoil of many Dutch people from Hirsi Ali suggests that the tolerance about which Holland preens is a compound of intellectual sloth and moral timidity. She was more trouble than the Dutch evidently think free speech is worth.
Yep, that about sums it up, unfortunately.

The UN seems to have truely outlived its usefulness. Really.

And how hospitable is that much-vaunted muslim hospitality? Islam in Europe reports.

The 'holy' month of Ramadan is off to a good start. From Jihadwatch:
31 Shia killed in Baghdad bombing
Churches attacked in Gaza
Assyrian Christians Killed in Retaliation for Pope's Remarks in Iraq
But never, ever hint at the suggestion of the possibillity that maybe Islam might not be as peaceful as usually advertised.

And finally: I will travel to foreign shores to participate in a week-long workshop. It promises to be very intensive, so I don't think I'll be doing much else. Posting will resume in a week or so. See you then.

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