Yet there are those, who do understand

Trouw had an interview (NL) with Hikmat Mahawat Khan, former chairman of the Contact Group Islam (CGI), a moderate islamic umbrella group encompassing Sunni, Shia and Alawi muslims (as opposed to the other, larger, ubrella organisation, that only represents Sunni muslims). He stepped down in disgust over the (mis-)handling of muslim refusal to integrate and the "atmosphere of group-interests".
We should take a look at America. (...) They are harsher and clearer over there. You may rage inside the mosque but not outside. You are free to isolate yourself if you wish, but you will have to reap what you sow.

If you isolate yourself in the Netherlands, the community is saddled with the financial consequences. You demand the right to apply for a job wearing a burqa and when you fail to get a job you feel you're entitled to an allowance. (...) An Amsterdammer must have the guarantee that Amsterdam will always be Amsterdam, a city (...) where Dutch principles prevail.
Interview in EN is here, hat tip: Islam in Europe.

[UPDATE001] Or this American-Arab bravely coming forward when his co-religionists dare not/will not:
Every single 9/11 hijacker was Arab and a Muslim. The apologists (including President Bush) tried to reassure us that 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam, but was a twisting of a great and noble religion. With all due respect, read the Koran, Mr. President. There's enough there for someone of extreme tendencies to find their way to a global jihad.

There's also enough there for someone of a different mindset to find a path to enlightenment and peace. Still, Rushdie had it right back in 2001: This does have to do with Islam. A Christian who bombs an abortion clinic in the name of God is still a Christian, at least in his interpretation, and saying otherwise doesn't negate the fact that he has spent a goodly amount of time figuring out his version of the one true and right thing to do.

The men who killed 3,000 of our citizens on 9/11 in all likelihood died saying prayers to Allah, and that by itself is one of the most horrific things to me about that day.
(via Jihad Watch)

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