Armenian genocide denial casualties mount

The mini-scandal around Turkish Dutch candidates of parliament denying there ever was an Armenian genocide (see here and here) continues to cause headaches for parties and individual candidates.

Next up is Nebahat Albayrak, the number 2 on the PvdA (Labour) list for the elections coming November 22nd. In an interview with Trouw, she argued that on the Armenian genocide the "sources are contaminated". While not exactly denying the genocide, she did express doubt that it all was as serious as portayed. But " the number is not important. Are 500,000 victims better then 1.5 million?". She argues that archives on both sides of the question should be opened up in order to establish whether Armenians had collaborated with the Russians or not and whether the Armenian genocide was premeditated or a forced relocation gone horribly awry.

Today, in the same paper, she is taken to task by a former member of the 'Centrum voor Holocaust- en Genocidestudies'. Her assertion that all sources are contaminated is judged as 'decidedly incorrect and tendentious'. Especially Armenian sources have been used extensively in studies and have been shown to be reliable. Her raising the question of collaboration with the Russians by (some) Armenians is condemned as thinly veiled excuse for mass murder. Her assertion that possibly the whole thing was a botched deportation is positively skewered, pointing out the plethora of non-Turkish and non-Armenian sources describing in detail the premeditated and genocidal character of the whole affair. To put insult to injury, Elsevier magazine put up a link to a pdf of a Dutch report, written in 1918, condemning the "systematic slaughter" of 800,000 Armenians in Turkey. In

With their number 2 candidate (and number 1 allochtone vote generator) coming under fire like this the PvdA is in full panic mode. Albayarak is not picking up the phone or answering emails, possibly having received orders to that effect from PvdA party HQ.

But taking the cake is PvdA-senator Erik Jurgens. In response to the current situation he suggested to strike the articles penalizing denial of the Holocaust (which form the basis for the Christian Unions proposal for legislation on denial of the Armenian genocide) from the Code of Law. After all, it is all a matter of "freedom of speech", n'est-ce pas? According to Jurgens denial of the Holocaust
"falls under freedom of speech, unless somebody incites to race hate"
This suggestion will ofcourse be festively welcomed by the (neo-) Nazi, muslim and rabidly Left totalitarian fringes that the PvdA has claimed time and again to fight against. But as action speaks louder then words, one is inclined to conclude that in the world view of the PvdA Freedom of Speech has now become the freedom to blatantly lie. Even if it is evidently a lie being passed of as the Truth, it apparently still falls under freedom of expression. Apart from earlier mentioned groups, methinks grafters and con-men will also be delighted with this news. And have you ever seen a Holocaust-denier that was NOT acting out of racially inspired sentiments?

Thus, this little episode proves that at least the PvdA is willing to sink to new, as yet unexplored lows to become adored by the Turk minority in the Netherlands. Words fail, really...

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