Fjordman file update

Fjordman has published the first in a series of articles researching if and to what extent Bat Ye'or is right about Eurabia. It has been added to the Fjordman file collection.

[INSTANT UPDATE] Welcome to all Gates of Vienna readers. And thanks to the Baron for the mention. Some of you have suggested I put dates of publication after each Fjordman post. While I can see the merit of the idea, it makes the list quite messy and hard to read. Besides, the date of publication can be found at the pages linked to. Obviously I need to rethink the structure of the list and I welcome suggestions. But for now I think I'll leave it at is.

[UPDATE001] And Fjordman has another one: Human Rights Fundamentalism, NGOistan and the Multicultural Industry

[UPDATE002] Hop! And another one: Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies - The Cost of Historical Amnesia.

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