France2 wins al-Durah libel case

How bad are things in France? Well, this bad: A TV station that indulged in blatant misinformation and disregard for every rule and standard of journalistic ethics sues the people that proved the TV station was not telling the truth... And wins.

From Pajamas Media:
Phillippe Karsenty, founder of Media Bistro, has been found liable and fined for “insulting” Charles Enderlin and France2 in the matter of the controversial Mohammed Al Dura video. This video, produced by Enderlin and promulgated by France 2, has been deemed a fake and called the Father of All Fauxtography. This was barely disputed at the trial and yet Karsenty was still found liable for saying so.
Blogger and historian Richard Landes was a witness in the trial and is in the process of translating the verdict. His blog is here. He is troubled by the verdict:

The implications of this reversal of Madame le Procureur’s clear recommendations, for what appears to be — we’ll have a translation and analysis of the judgment ASAP — a critique of Philippe that somehow absolves Enderlin of all of his journalistic failings, failings that came out abundantly in court, are deeply troubling.

If these trials are a test of the resilience of Republican culture in France in the face of a challenge to its very core values, then today’s decision is a great loss for the France most people who do love her, love.
The trial was covered by a number of bloggers (since the MSM will not touch this), most notably at Pajamas, who devoted a three part series to the al-Durah trial here, here and here. During the trial is was proven beyond any doubt that France2 had behaved like every journalist should *not*.

The meme that Israeli soldiers killed al-Durah, re-inforced by the selective cutting of France2 but most likely not true, has definitely played a part in fanning the recent unrest in the ME. The al-Durah boy is proposed to Palestinian kids from a very young age onwards as *the* role model for fighting and preferably dying in the way of Allah. All that was discussed during the trial, yet France2 won it anyway. As a commenter on the Augean Stable surmised:
It sounds like the fix is in. That’s bad. The best thing to do is for people outside France –and not subject to the absurd French libel laws– to raise hell in print and on the blogs about this revolting miscarriage of justice, Vichy-like in its implications.
More on the al-Durah case in particular, and Pallywood productions in general, can be found at

So, what's next? AP suing EUReferendum over Qana-gate?

[AFTERTHOUGHT001] Then again, this is par for the course. We've observed on this blog a number of times that France has a strong tendency to side with the enemy. This is no different: France siding with the enemies. Of truth. Dispicable, but not unexpected.

[UPDATE001] Nidra Poller, French correspondent for (among others) Pajamas and Atlas Shrugs, shines her light on the verdict here.

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