March of Dhimmitude

Three quick links to Western Resistance, that show how deep Europe has already sunk into the Eurabian morass.

First, in Spain the traditional festivals celebrating the Reconquista have imposed self-censorship for fear of offending Muslims:
In Valencia, several of the Moros y Christianos festivals culminated with a grand finale, in which a large head of Mohammed, stuffed with fireworks, blows up to public applause. However, since the issue of the Danish cartoons of the so-called prophet, and the violent threats which ensued, these extravagant displays are being toned down by organisers so as not to offend Muslim faithful.
And how do these mulsim guests in Europe repay this conderate attitude? An Danish contact of Western Resistance tells a tale that exemplifies more then I'd wish:
The small Danish town of Roskilde has a big hospital. Patients from a wide area are sent there to receive treatment and to regain their health. Some stay there for years, others are sent home after a short treatment. The hospital is surrounded by a big, tranquil park, with outstretched areas of grass and flowering shrubs, interspersed with ancient trees, many walnut and chestnut trees, but also horse chestnuts and beech.

In the autumn people stroll in the park. Ladies parade their grandchildren in prams and children play among the tree trunks. Young and old come from the town to gather the walnuts that drop from the trees. Many take great pleasure at gathering the nuts. The proper storing of the nuts has developed into a small science among the local people. Many let the nuts soak in alcohol in order to produce wonderful walnut schnapps. Elderly gentlemen take great pride in their own recipes, which they guard jealously. The results of their effort, however, are generously shared.

This autumn there will be no walnuts. No laughter of children searching among the trees for particularly large specimens, no elderly gentlemen gathering the nuts for their schnapps.

The reason? Our Muslim guests.

Last weekend my Queen of Hearts and I went to the park to see if the walnuts have started to drop. We were met by a sad sight. A large group of our "friends" from the Middle East had invaded the park. With ladders, buckets, knives and dustbin sacks they had climbed the trees, broken off twigs, removed foliage and cut off branches in order to get to the still unripe nuts, which they had gathered in heaps at the root of the trees. Then they proceeded to cut away the husks of the still unripe walnuts while they made themselves comfortable at their folding tables, sitting in the field chairs they had brought for the purpose. The nuts were gathered in buckets and carried to their cars, where they were emptied in the trunks and finally carried away. The walnut season which usually lasts for three weeks had ended, before it had even started.

I wonder if our guests, who otherwise pride themselves on their superior moral values, realise how much damage they have wrought. For a few thousand Kroner worth of walnuts they have deprived the community that has welcomed them of a valued pastime and a great joy. They have caused resentment among us and have attracted the cold contempt of their hosts. They have exposed themselves as thieves and natural born criminals, willing to enrich themselves at the expense of the surrounding community.


Anyway, attitudes seem to be hardening in Europe. The streets of London saw a streetbattle between muslims and infidels near a London mosque.

The underlying tension between Muslims and non-Muslims erupted last night in Preston into a large scale battle on the streets of northern England. The trouble began on Clarendon Street in Avenham in Preston, Lancashire, outside the Jamia Masjid mosque at around 9 pm.

Youths began to throw stones at cars parked outside the mosque, while Asian (from Indian subcontinent) worshippers were inside the building. Those inside the mosque heard their cars being hit and about 200 Muslims came out. The fracas that ensued led to one 16-year old Asian youth being stabbed, though his injuries were not serious.

It is deplorable. It's a tragic development, that will see equally tragic repeats on the Euro mainland. And given the circumstances, it is entirely inevitable, when out betters refuse to counter frank bullying from a 'tiny minority' trying to impose their will on the rest of us.

In Denmark, a year after the publication of the Motoons, the same tendency can be observed. Gates of Vienna has two accounts from Denmark about muslim/infidel relations, since a delegation of Danish muslims toured the ME with their own 'version' of the Motoons affair. Apparently, one Danish politician, in response to the entire affair, coined the phrase "Lying like an imam". I think I will adopt it as a more fashionable replacement for "Lying through ones teeth".

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