So how lucrative is the EU anyway?

EU Referendum has an enlightening short up. Last week Gunter Verheugen, the EU enterprise commissioner, complained that trying to live up to the insane amount of rules and regulations of the EU in order to comply with the Single Market is costing EU member states a total sum of €600 billion a year.

In a piece in The Times, Tim Worstall details how much we get in return:
The Commission has also noted that the benefits of the SMP have been substantial, an addition of some €164.5 billion a year to the GDP of the countries within the Union.
Nah well, you win some, you lose some, right? Invest €600 billion, get €165 billion and declare it an unprecented success. Must be an example of 'New Economics'.

As Richard North rightfully asks: Can we leave yet?

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