Spare a thought for Insulinda

Via the Jawa Report we got a two links to bloggers in Indonesia that have expressed their intention to participate in the funeral of Father Irianto Kongkoli, who was shot and killed by muslims in Sulawesi.

The bloggers in question are Stan the Infidel in Indonesia and Big White Infidel. In the comments over at Jawa, Stan is suggesting that civil war is around the corner. Rusty of the Jawa Report, writes:
Stan, has more in the comments. I pray that he can find alternatives to violence in the fight to protect Christians. I am not a pacifist, but a realist. If civil war should ensue, there would be mass slaughter and the Christian minority really has little chance of winning. I think the lessons of East Timor should be apparent here.
He's right of course. But that shouldn't prevent us from sparing a thought (and a prayer, if you are so inclined) or two to the people that have to endure muslim violence *and* a government unwilling to deal with that violence in a just manner. If that is not enough the Jawa report has some more suggestions.

For all we know, this is our future as well. Gateway Pundit has more, as does Michelle Malkin.

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