Straight from the horses mouth - part VII

Via Jihad Watch this enlightening article in Gulf Times by Abdul Rahman bin Hammad al-Omar:
Muslims and Muslim rulers are ordained to call people to Islam to deliver them from the darkness of atheism to the light of faith in Allah, and to rescue them from being immersed in the illusions of the materialistic life wherein they suffer deprivation of spiritual happiness.

One of the grave defects of man-made doctrines is that they preach man to be a good citizen and a useful member only of his own society, whereas, Islam ordains man to be good and useful to all mankind. This difference proves that Islam is perfect, magnanimous and superior to all man-made doctrines.

Islam has its own regulations of war. It demands from Muslims to prepare whatever force they can to protect themselves and their faith and to dismay the enemies of Allah and their enemies.
However, Allah authorised Muslims to conclude treaties with non-Muslim nations, on condition that these treaties should be in conformity with Islamic law.

Muslims are strictly prohibited to break the treaties which they conclude with their enemies, but they are authorised to abrogate them if the enemy violates these treaties or commits an act contrary to the conditions laid therein.

Muslims are ordained to call their enemies to Islam before fighting against them. If they refuse, Muslims should call them again to pay the tribute and submit to the laws of Allah. If the enemy refuses again, Muslims should fight them so that there may be no persecution and religion should be for Allah alone.

Muslims are strictly commanded not to kill women, children, old men, and monks who do not participate in war against Muslims. They are commanded to treat prisoners of war kindly.

All these commandments prove that the desire for exploitation and domination is not the goal of holy war (Jihad) in Islam, but its sole aim is to deliver people from man-made-object-service to the service of Allah, the Creator. Holy war (Jihad) is only a means to propagate truth and mercy among people.
Emphasis is mine. Question to our betters in government: How much clearer do they have to be, before you start taking this seriously?

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