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Eurabian update: In France a schoolgirl was stoned for 'not observing Ramadan'. As tension is rising once again over cartoons of Mohammed, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for yet another boycott, while in Denmark someone tried to poison municipal water sources with strychnine. In Iran some MPs are calling for 'strong measures' against Denmark as well.

We have a new, apparently world-wide phenomenon: Cabby-Jihad. Muslim cab-drivers refusing to drive clients that don't meet their 'standards of appropriateness' (or something), meaning people accompanied by (seeing-eye) dogs or people bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner. Reports in the last month from (in no particular order):
Minnesota (USA)
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

The EU, blinded by its own ambitions, is sabotaging yet another good, working and proven initiative: NATO.
NATO has repeatedly asked the EU for more civilian and humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, particularly since both organizations say security cannot be attained without economic development and jobs. But the European Commission has refused.
"The Commission put its foot down largely because of opposition from some of the member states," Keohane said. These included Belgium, France, Greece and Spain, EU diplomats said.
(h/t No Pasaran)

There's a new blog on the block: Reconquista. A former believer of the Guardian and the BBC, Sir Henry Morgan, the blogs proprietor, listened to the nagging feeling something wasn't quite right about the reporting on matters islamic and did a little digging of his own. I guess we know what he found, don't we? His first post is a 180 right off the bat (to mix up a few sporting metaphors), doing some analysis on the numbers of muslim attacks in the world and coming up with some surprise results. Go and read.

And finally: What the hell is going on in Iran? Radio Sedaye Iran, KRSI, is here. But there's not a lot going on there. Iran Focus is also reporting nothing about this (yet?). It is in all likelihood related to this, but for the moment it's rather quiet on the wires. (h/t Power and Control) [UPDATE001] Thwarted before it even truly began: Critical cleric arrested in Iran.

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