This is what we're up against

In Trouw today an interview with 'arabist' Ruud Peters, who sings the praises of sharia law. Living in Amsterdams Red Light District, he observes:
Yes, he sniggers, I wouldn't mind seeing the Saudi religious police doing their job in this place. Would make it a lot more quiet and peaceful here.
Mind you, this is the same character that acted as en expert on islam during the Hofstad group trials. This level of malicious stupidity from someone with a university education, it really boggles the mind.

[UPDATE001] The fallout of this little interview might become somewhat interesting. In the interview 'Mutawa Ruud' alleged that sharia law is already substantially applied in the Netherlands. Public notaries, for instance, are said to have drawn up sharia-wills in which the women folk only inherit a share half the size of the males share, in direct contradiction with Dutch inheritance law and Article 1 of the Dutch constitution. Elsevier reports that the Royal Notarial Society confirms this practice. Dutch MP Wilders has announced he will question minister of Justice Hirsch-Ballin about this during parliamentary question time, next Tuesday. (h/t Nederland Is Lam)

[UPDATE002] BTW, Geert Wilders produced the soundbite of the day in an interview with the Volkskrant, in which he warns of a 'tsunami of islamisation'. Asked whether he believes in a moderate islam he responded: 'I don't believe in islam, period. Are you kidding me?'

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