Two new Fjordman pieces

Fjordman posted two new essays. First, the second part of 'The Eurabia Code' at Dhimmiwatch. This part offers some chilling reading. If true (and this post is documented well enough to safely assume it is) the EU is selling out the entirety of the European continent for its own ambitions. According to its own documents, the EU is willing to destroy European civilization and history in exchange for mere power.

Second, an essay entitled Suggestions for Solutions: A Preliminary Draft, at the Gates of Vienna, in which he counters the accusation of diagnosing the crisis in the West, but not coming up with solution with, well... suggestions for solutions. Read it all. More then a few gold nuggets of common sense. The more people have internalized this type of thinking, the better chance we have to save what has not already been lost.

Other Fjordman files can be found here.

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