We're all aboriginals now

Last week Islam in Europe reported the case of Mohammed Faizel Ali Enait, who was turned down for a job as Customer Relations Officer at the municiality of Rotterdam, because he refused to shake hands with women.

The poor soul, victim of crass discrimination, filed a complaint at the Comittee of Equal Treatment (Comissie Gelijke behandeling, CGB) and won, on the grounds that it is perfectly possible to 'show ones respect in alternative ways' (NL) to shaking hands.

In an interview with Algemeen Dagblad (NL) he said he will get the job of Customer Relations Officer, no matter what. If the Rotterdam council will not give him the job he will sue. Quoth Enait:
I think I will be made Customer Relations officer and that it'll piss off the aboriginals, which is what I call the autochtonous population.
That is the state of the Netherlands in a nutshell, really. From one of the great trading nations in history to the sad remnants of a indigenous population overwhelmed by muslim colonizers. We're all aboriginals now.

(Also blogging: Islam in Europe)

[UPDATE001] It seems the 'aboriginals' of Rotterdam city council are willing to risk the Enait suit. Today they declared Enait will not be employed (NL) and have formally rejected the CGB 'advisory':
Our council is of the opinion that civil servants with a public function must be expected to enage with civilians equally. Shaking hands of all clients belongs to the normal and accepted means of engagement between client-manager and clients.
Let's hear it for Rotterdam city council!

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