You'd swear it was a conspiracy

When fans of Feyenoord Rotterdam and Ajax Amsterdam (we're talking football here. Real football, not American hand egg) get stuck into each other it always is big news.

So yesterday FC Utrecht played the Maroccan national team and won 3-2. Big mistake, of course. Some quarters of Utrecht have a large Maroccan presence. Maroccans, not exactly known for their flegmatism, reacted as Maroccans do: Tearing the place apart.
Police have arrested 25 during and after a friendly match between FC Utrecht and Marocco. After the friendly game parked cars and city buses were demolished and rocks were hurled through windows near Galgendwaard stadium. Order was not restored untill after midnight.
Funny thing though: No major news outlet deemed this story worthy of any attention. No matter that it was bad enough for the local community police officers to hang up his hat and call it a day over it.

Wouldn't have anything to do with the involvement of Moroccan 'youth', now would it?

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