Dutch Police on Islam training in Morocco

The inner city of Den Haag has like all major cities in The Netherlands a near Islamic majority. For years now the name Mohammed is the most common name for newborn babies in the city. The safety in the city is getting worse as Moslems are disproportional much more involved in crime. Also aggression against government officials is a growing problem, although not yet on the level France is now experiencing.

The city of Den Haag must have thought: if you can’t beat them, join them. They now are the first Dutch city to send their street agents for a training week to Morocco. Where they will receive training in Islamic culture and religion. Responsible for the initiative is the head of the Den Haag police department, Gerard Bouman. He hopes his police officers become more aware of Islamic sensitivities. Bouman:

“In Morocco they teach the street agents that, when they are dealing with a domestic fight, they should leave their shoes at the front door, if they have the time”

But Bouman his multicultural Islam initiative will be his last. Not that the police chief is fired, he is promoted and will replace Sybrand van Hulst as the new head of the Dutch Intelligence Services (AIVD). But Bouwman his leadership will probably not make a big impact on the service. His predecessor, van Hulst, last year already said that his Intelligence Service will not discriminate and keep hiring Moroccan Muslims, because it is very important that the services is a good representation of Dutch society.

[UPDATE001] Reactions

Conservative opposition leader Geert Wilders has now asked parliamentary questions to responsible interior minister Remkes. Wilders wants this non-sense to stop and use the money and effort to catch criminals. But so far, no other political parties seem to share his views.

In yesterdays newspaper several socio pundits question the whole approach. One of them even suggest that it might be better to send the young criminals temporarily back to Morocco instead of the police officers.

But Rodney Bos of the police The Hague says:

“Now I can tell these people that I have visited the important Moroccan mosques and that I have been to the police academy. This earns me the respect of the parents. Then it is up to them to correct their own children.”

But as it turns out this whole police ‘bonding’ with Moroccans criminal started already eight years ago in 1998. Apparently they will never learn, the keep trying and expect each time different results.

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