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The intrepid Lagonda has been active again. After her last post in September she's back with two great pieces. The first one, entitled 'Shoarma (1)' (NL) is a rather searing indictment of Multiculuralism in the Netherlands. It's a long piece, completely in Dutch, but I have to share this little paragraph with any non-Dutch readers interested in this:
And so: immigrants, allochtones and garden-variety muslims! See and understand! You were only received with open arms to take part as exotic extras in our great white morality play. That is why you need to be watered, fertilized and bound up like a green house flower: you see, you are only politically interesting in the role of the ultimate victim, so that you can be used by white marxists to move white non-marxists to guilt-conscious obedience. Do you understand there are people deriving power from your disadvantaged position? Do you realize that multiculturalists only guard over your interests because you are the cannon-fodder in the battle against bourgois society? Do you get that you will not go anywhere in the Netherlands as long as multiculturalism is professed by our government? Do you understand that allochtone driving lessons and subsidized Arab subtitles will eventually not help you get ahead even one step?
The next one, entitled 'Het Unilever-model en de ingeblikte nachtschade' (The Unilever model and the canned nightshade) takes a look at the results of the general elections last week in the Netherlands.

Lagonda invokes the Unilever model to explain why in the current Dutch political situation it matters not a damn what you vote for. Just like whatever choice of washing powder you make will always end up earning money for Unilever, while they carry all the brands, so too does whatever choice of party you make in the end only give power to the ruling elite.

The only exceptions were the Socialist Party (SP) and the Party for Freedom (PVV, Wilders). But Lagonda argues that lust for power has corrupted the SP to the point where it has now entered the inner circle. Leaving only Wilders and his party as the only choice to give off a motion of distrust to politics in the Hague(1).

Both are superbly written, sharp and satirical pieces. Read it all.

(1) Which the Netherlands did: Nine seats, making the PVV the fourth largest party right off the bat. And the elite reacted as expected: During the end debate, after the election results were in, all other fration leaders were asked who'd consider entering a coalition with Wilders and his party. The answer was an icy silence descending upon that merry band of charlatans.

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