Holocaust cartoon contest: Winners announced

We reported about the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest here. Now finally the winners have been announced. You can view the winners of this dispicable contest here at the official site.

Two Europeans made the 'winners' list, an Italian and (hardly surprising) a Frenchman. Particularly the French winner sent in a loathsome bit of anti-semetic Holocaust denial.

For the rest I don't want to spend anymore time on this vile excersise. Except to note that this was not a one off event:
The exhibit curator, Masoud Shojai, said the contest will be an annual event and added: "Actually, we will continue until the destruction of Israel."

Several possible comments jumped into my head when I read this. But in this case strong comments loudly spoken will not do. The only thing that will do here, is silent contempt. For the organizers as well as for the participants.

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