If you don't like the outcome...

... just change the rules.

Snouck Hurgronje reported about the acquittal of British National Party leader Nick Griffin. The reason mr. Griffin was dragged before a judge is obvious to any European or anyone familiar with the exasperating tendency of the British Isles to placate the muslim minority residing there:
The Cambridge-educated Mr Griffin was charged with Mr Collett after speeches they made were broadcast in a 2004 BBC documentary entitled The Secret Agent.

Mr Griffin was recorded calling Islam a "wicked, vicious faith" and saying Muslims were turning Britain into a "multi-racial hell hole".
His acquittal is a bit of a wonder in these nervously appeasing times, but not to worry: the British governemnt is on the case. Via Jihad Watch we read in the Times that British race-hate laws will be changed after the 'failed' BNP case (why failed, btw? It was a jury trial, so one would think the people have spoken. As far as I can see this trial was a resounding success).
Gordon Brown swiftly pledged to bring in tougher powers to raise the chance of convictions in similar cases, calling the BNP’s statements offensive.

His intervention came after an all-white jury decided that Nick Griffin, the BNP chairman, broke no law when he condemned Islam as “a wicked, vicious faith” at a secretly filmed meeting.
Okay, I will not belabor the point of the rather offensively racist reference to the 'all-white jury'. I'll just mention it here and let anyone draw their own conclusions.

But isn't it striking that Gordon Brown is so quick to act with regard to even the slightest (perceived) infraction of the British Lefts favorite villain, while those lovely people holding up placards calling for the slaughter of infidels on the steps of Westminster Cathedral were merely protesting and are left alone?

I'm just saying...

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