RoP and the women

Sir Henry Wilson of RECONQUISTA has been doing some number-crunching in relation to probems with the muslim segment of the worlds population. Some highly interesting, number crunching with highly unexpected and deeply troubling outcomes

Earlier he produced some compelling evidence for a massive effort on the part of radical muslims to "strike fear into the heart of the infidel" through terror since the day of 9/11. Even if he accounted for the violence in Afghanistan and Iraq after the US invasions of both he found a very pronounced increase in the number of terror attacks world-wide since the big one of September 11th, 2001.

In a follow-up Sir Henry Wilson does some further analysis and finds clues there is some organizing body out there distributing resources for these attacks. He also projects the trends he's observing into the future and thos projections are as terrifying as they are clear.

And today Sir Henry Wilson sends word that he's done some number-crunching on crime-stats. Fjordman has been maintaining for some time that sex-crimes and a muslim population seem to be correlated. Now Sir Henry Wilson relates sexual crime statistics from the London metropolitan police to census data of the London metropolitan area. More specifically, he relates sex-crime statistics to the presence (in % of the population) of different religious groups.

Now, I kicked the PC habit of multi-culturalism quite a number of years ago. But still I was shocked to find the words of the Quran and the Hadeeth so starkly represented in the numbers that Sir Henry Wilson found. Take a look yourself. In fact, I urge you to take a good, long look.

Methinks the myth of Islam as respecter of women is now officially dead.

[INSTANT UPDATE] If it wasn't already after we read about the Eid festival incident in Cairo this year

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