Say farewell to Abu Jahjah.

Abu Jahjah, leader of the Benelux Arab-European League has announced his permanent return to Lebanon. This is, ofcourse, no great loss. But the Dutch current events program Netwerk saw fit to do an interview with this islamic degenerate nonetheless.

You can watch the program here (the relevant segment starts about two-thirds into the program). It's in Dutch, though. He warned that the riots in Paris are but 'the first drops of the deluge that is coming'. He is of the opinion that the Netherlands will be worse off then Belgium, because the Netherlands are involved in the 'occupation' of Iraq and Afghanistan and are unthinking slaves to the will of the US. Thank you, mr. Abu Jahjah.

One would almost hope Abu JahJah is correct. At least then we will have a legitimate reason to revoke all those double nationalities and start shipping the lot back to the barren s...tholes they came from.

And if you think that is a tad harsh, then please read this review of Buruma's book on the van Gogh murder (via Peaktalk). This review is one with a twist, since it focusses entirely on the opinions of one of van Goghs proteges, a maroccan small-time criminal turned actor. The latter got his big break in van Goghs 'Cool!'. For those that can't be bothered, the review concludes:
And yet El-Hamchaoui's loyalties are murky at best. He doesn't stick up for his murdered benefactor, because he understands what drove the killer, and about Submission at least, that killer "was right." He roots for Moroccan soccer players ("my own blood") to do well, and for Dutch players to lose. He thinks of Submission not simply as a controversial movie that he didn't care for, but — despite his knowing and liking the director — as a personal insult, on a par with being discriminated against by the parents of his best friend in school. He openly says he doesn't much value his Dutch passport, except that it suits his "interests."

Muslims like El-Hamchaoui — moderate, thoughtful, steeped in western values, capable of change, relatively successful — are Holland's best hope.

And it's impossible to not find that a bit disheartening.

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