Silence of the hacks

In Erfurt in Gemany a retired minister doused himself in gasoline and set himself alight (D) in a desperate protest against the lack of attention in Germany and Europe as a whole to the creeping islamisation of Europe. Brussels Journal is reporting this, as is Western Resistance , Infidel Bloggers Alliance and many other blogs.

But the MSM here in Europe is silent... Thomas the Wraith asks whether this episode will wake Europe up. It won't, because the press isn't reporting. No screaming headlines, no mournful segments on current events programs, no interviews with shocked friends and family, no pundits elaborating on what could have possessed father Weisselberg, nothing. Mustn't upset the balance, you see. Just take note of Bishop Noacks commentary in the Brussels Journal piece. The MSM will not be caught doing something that might interfere with the Eurabian multicultural dream. And so this story is under firmly the lid: the fourth estate as fifth column, indeed. Thus father Weisselberg will have died a horrible, excruciating death for little more then nothing.

Unless this story is spread around. Here's the Spiegel article in German and here's the International Herald Tribune article. Mail it to friends and family. Tell anyone who'll listen about this. If the MSM refuses to do its job then we ordinary civilians will have to do it.

[UPDATE001] No Pasaran has the screencap that says it all. Three. Three entries from the MSM. Google News NL just shows one entry: in the Katholiek Nieuwsblad. What does a man have to do to get a little attention these day?

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