So mr EU, how are we today?

Sometimes stuff has a way of converging that makes a situation crystal clear. This week saw November 1st come and go, the date the EU Constitution, the centre piece of EU statehood aspirations, was supposed to take effect. Rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, it emerged this week that Germany will not use it's upcoming turn as EU president to revive that abomination.

Elsewhere, Iran test fired missiles that will presumably act as vehicles for the bomb they are not producing (yeah right!). The lacklustre response to this and other provocations from both the EU and the UN inspired Daniel Pipes to write an article entitles 'The UN and EU are irrelevant'. Readers of this (type of) blog will not be surprised ofcourse, since Fjordman already detailed the counterproductive effects the two great tranzi experiments have on western life, liberty and pursuit of happiness here, here and more recently here.

Diplomatically the role of the EU is one of... well, actually it is none. The ridiculous posturing of both Jacques Chirac and then-Chancelor Gerhard Schroeder in the run-up to the Iraq war have sidelined the EU as a credible diplomatic influence. EU functionaries are still trying to get the EU Rapid Reaction Force, what is to be the fore runner of a real EU army, off the ground. So busy are they, that they completely forget to reinforce EU memberstate contingents in Afghanistan. Just last month NATO sources complained that no EU state is willing to supply reinforcements for ISAF in Afghanistan. Thus the EU is a non-player in military matters as well as matters of diplomacy. And so the beat goes on...

Now Richard North of EU Referendum treats us to his diagnosis in a humorous post listing the priority subjects on this weeks agenda of EU top players. So riveting these matters are that Richard North observes:
[I]t really is hard to conclude anything else other than this is an organisation that is going nowhere. It may be years before it collapses but around it there is already the stench of death. But when they get to do the post mortem, they will find it died of boredom.
Boredom or some thing else, I hope mr. North is right.

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