Some justice prevailed

[A small update to this story: France2 wins al-Durah libel case]

Pajamas Media reports that Charles Enderlin, the France2 Jerusalem correspondent who produced the al-Dura news report in collaboration with a Palestinian stringer, saw his defamation suit thrown out by the presiding judge, Judge Nicolas Bonnal.

The suit was started by Enderlin in a bid to silence his critics who maintain he and his Palestinian stringer manufactured the Al-Durah story. And today he lost. Resoundingly. Good.

[INSTANT UPDATE] Guess we could use a little good news from France, seeing as the last couple of days saw even Reuters admitting there might be more going on in French banlieues then they were willing to admit before now: French police the target in urban guerrilla war.

[UPDATE001] Don't miss Wretchard's take in the news in the Instant Update

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