With a little help from my friends...

You may have noticed Klein Verzet has a new author and contributor: Ferdy. Ferdy is the owner of De Leestafel (Dutch for 'The Reading Table'), a Dutch language blog in which he reviews and highlights literature for the Dutch Infidel (in the broadest sense of the word, including apostates of Multiculturalism).

Ferdy has also been a regular contributor to the comments at Klein Verzet, calling my attention to a number of stories that are not widely reported but that cast their own peculiar light on current events. He is also the one that linked me to the interview with the Belgian Arabist prof. Urbain Vermeulen (The Quran doesn't want integration). Unfortunately, he links to more then I am able to follow up on.

Real life is such at the moment that I am failing to keep up a regular schedule of posting. That is why I offered Ferdy the possibility to contribute more actively. I am delighted that he took the offer and below you will find his first post for Klein Verzet. I hope many more will follow.

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