And we have another report

... by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). This is theshining light in the darkness that revealed the shocking truth of harassment of muslims after 9/11 (there hardly was any) or the backlash that the UK muslim community suffered after 7/7 (there was none). The curious thing about these reports, and one we will have to keep in mind for their newest production, is that for all the sound and fury of righteous indignation over the oppression of poor muslims in Europe the EUMC, by their own admission, did not find any severe, population wide anti-muslim sentiments or efforts. Both reports can be summed up by: We didn't find any, but there was!

This time, they've been looking into the plight of muslims in Europe and surprise (not): islamophobia is rampant around Europe. The official report can be found here (pdf). A summary can be read here.

I was going to do some fisking of the thing, but after reading it I can't be bothered. It is all so tired, so old, so cliche. So dismally predictable in its one-sidedness, it's rehashing of popular Brussles burocracy bullshit, it's obvious working towards predetermined conclusions and it's total lack of any deep analysis.

Muslims as a group do not achieve the same levels of education as do other groups: Islamophobia!!! Never mind the often lacklustre attitudes towards education that demonstrably beset muslim minorities (in the Netherlands at least).

Muslims are more often unemployed: Islamophobia!!! No mention of the fact that most employers have had their share of experience with muslim employees and were not convinced.

No it is all islamophobia perpetrated by us, the white working citizen of the EU. After all, we are at fault for everything, aren't we?

Read it yourself, if you want to satisfy that masochistic streak you know you have. And form your own conclusions. I won't do it. I can't. Just thinking about what I read this afternoon has all strength sapped from my body instantly.

Esther of Islam in Europe is on the case, however. Maybe she will prove to be more resilient then I am and produce the comments she promised.

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