Dutch anti terrorism agency: Large scale attack possibly imminent in US

Yesterday the Nationale Coordinator Terrorism bestrijding (NCTb) presented it's 'Fifth Progress Report Counter Terrorism'. If you can read Dutch the entire thing is up at the Intel Blog (NL).

It's largely familiar territory. The threat of a terrorist act in the Netherlands remains 'substantial' (NL) even though none of the jihadi network presently known seem to be up to something. However, the fast and profound internationalization of jihadi terrorism and the foreign involvements of the Netherlands means we have to be carefull. The report specifically mentions the growing influence of jihadi networks in those parts of Morocco where most of the Morroccan immigrants in the Netherlands hail from. Additionally, the robust of Dutch forces in Afghanistan might attract 'imports' from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The report is rather critical of the progress made within the EU (I am shocked, shocked I tell you). Specifically, the report notes the differential state of implementation of the EU Stategy and Plan of Action Counter Terrorism. It dryly notes that legislation to combat terrorsim financing are 'in preparation or in the process of being implemented' and that significant advances have been made in 'knowledge building' where radicalisation is concerned.

But the juicy bit is passed by the reader in such a way that one would read past it and be none the wiser:
There are clues and rumours that point to an imminent large scale attack, organized by the core of Al Qaeda. Initially one of those rumours named Europe as a target for such an attack, but at present is seems only the US remains in the picture for that.
One hopes that, like last August, the security forces will nab the human scum seeking to complete this act before it comes to fruition.

Still, to any infidels from across the pond: Stay safe...

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