Dutch islamic youth radicalizing and the EU's brilliant counter

And the beat goes on. And on. And on.

From Reuters an interview with the chairman of the Nationale co-ordinator Terrorisme Bestrijding (NcTB, national co-ordinator anti-terrorism), Tjibbe Joustra:
'Here in the Netherlands we are seeing an increase in the radicalisation of young people and in how quickly youngsters become radicalised ... which is also taking place in schools,' he told Reuters.

'Sometimes the radicalisation process can be very rapid.'
And a little tidbit that seems to have escaped everyone in the Netherlands:
The NCTB classed as 'substantial' the risk of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands after the London bombings in 2005, the second-highest level in a four-stage warning system. It has remained at that level ever since.

'That means that an attack is distinctly possible but that we have no concrete evidence that something is being planned,' Joustra said.

'It is very difficult to say how many groups are operating in the Netherlands. There are problems in defining a group, and then of course we also don't know how much is going on without our knowledge. But we believe there are about 10 to 20 active networks.'
Given the disruption that was cause by the relatively inept Hofstad group, that is not alltogether good news.

But all's well that ends well. The EU has come up with a declaration of loyalty for muslim citizens. Some of the more insightful and materially knowledgable points (and yes, that is sarcasm) are:
  • Respect non-Muslim religions and issue a fatwa (an Islamic religious decree) prohibiting the use of force, violence or threats to their followers.
  • Respect all civilizations, cultures and traditions and promote understanding of the precedence of national laws over Sharia law.
  • Respect Western freedoms, especially of belief and expression and prohibit violent reaction against people who make use of these freedoms.
  • Prohibit the issuing of any fatwa that would result in violence or threat against individuals or institutions.
  • Request Islamic institutions to revise and issue new interpretations of Quranic verses calling for Jihad and violence against non-Muslims.
  • Good luck with that...

    I really don't know what this initiative is to accomplish. I even don't know where to begin in addressing the narrow-minded, PC-bent stupidity of those that were involved in this thing.

    Even if there are muslims that will sign this thing (and I really doubt there will be many) it'll in all likelihood be a matter of Taqiyya. It has to be, since this declaration so blatantly denies the Allah-givenness of both the Quran and Shariah (or devine law) it actually suggests muslims in Europe just make up their own version of both. It'd be like asking Christians to sign a declaration nullifying the ten commandments and adopting the EU constitution in its place (well, given enough time the EU will undoubtedly arrive at that point). In fact, the declaration bluntly asks muslims to declare their being non-muslim, apostates. No muslim worth his salt will underwrite such a declaration. And no matter how much I despise Islam, I completely understand any muslim refusing to do so.

    It's all very lovey-dovey stuff and it looks good on paper. But it fails to even get close to the heart of the matter. As long as both the Quran and Shariah law are considered inmutable and as long as Islam is considered as a doctrine for the 'perfect society', the highest attainable goal, no muslim is going to sell his piece of paradise or his soul for a bit of grey Brussels burocracy. This is just more testament to the fact that out 'betters' haven't a clue, no clue whatsoever, about what they are dealing with.

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