EU: France to kill the euro?

EU Referendum reports French PM de Villepin is berating the European Central Bank for the hard euro. This has some serious consequences, especially for Euro exports. Now de Villepin is calling for finance ministers of other member states to
clarify matters in exchange rate policy, which means taking back our sovereignty and our margin for action so the states can play their part
But not only that, in France voices are growing stronger for a return to the franc. Says Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a minor presidential candidate:
Like Molière's doctor, the ECB is killing the patient in order to cure it. Given their obstinant (sic) refusal to face up to errors, it is time to prepare for a return to our own national monetary system
Now, the reason the EU has grown to what it is today is in no small part owed to the French using the EU (and the EU letting itself be used) to advance French interests. But it seems the EU has outgrown France and thus the French are losing interest and are starting to turn against it.

It is highly doubtfull the EU could survive a blow like that. Then again, we already knew the project was dying, didn't we?

[UPDATE001] More about this in the Telegraph. And on EU Referendum.

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