The EU in 2007

It seems like 2007 is shaping up to be the year of the demise of the EU. As of January 1st Germany will take the chair. Chancellor Merkel has vowed to dedicate the German presidency to the revitalisation of the EU constitution, but as reported earlier, at this point she cannot even get it past German judges. Although some leaders of EU member countries still seem to be very much in love with the idea, even France seems to have become disenchanted with the idea of far reaching integration. Specifically the idea that sometimes said integration doesn't serve French interests.

The rift is widening, as EU Referendum is reporting. Despite French and EU vows to the contrary, France has decided to withdraw what little troops they had (200 special forces types, to be exact) from Afghanistan. Undoubtedly to serve time on the AA-units in Lebanon, itching to shoot down some zionist fighters.

And thus the united EU voice on foreign affairs, if it ever truly existed, is now dead as well. Or, as mr. North puts it:
This is not an EU that is going places on the world stage.
Anyway, it more and more seems like the big ongoing story of the next year will be the plight of the EU and the directions it's member states will take. The whole edifice is creaking ominously and the question is whether member states 1) will have the power and the inclination to prop it up, 2) the vision to partially tear it down (retaining the economic infrastucture and foregoing the political project) or 3) the smarts to get out before it finally gives way.

None of the three options, given the current class of politicos in Europe, is very likely and thus we will have our leaders standing around like hares caught in the headlights waiting to be hit by the inevitable... Happy New Year.

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