Fjordman file update

Fjordman has posted part II of his examination, entitled: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy? In this part Fjordman takes a closer look at the overbearing, supremacist doctrines enshrined in the Quran and the Hadeeth and contrasts it with the individualism that any functioning liberal democracy relies on. The outcome is not encouraging...

I am in the process of further categorizing of the FF, with a little guidance from Fjordman himself. By popular demand I have included a list of recent Fjordman files as the top category of the Fjordman Files:

Raped in Oslo
Is Islam Compatible with Democracy? part II
The Latest Dhimmi News From Norway
The Trouble With Irshad Manji
How the West Was Lost
Is Islam Compatible with Democracy? part I
Europe and Western Europe
Sweden: Still Crazy After All These Years
The Background of Multiculturalism
The Outcome of Two Cultural Revolutions: While China Turns Christian, Europe Turns Muslim

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