Global Warming - Be afraid...

A couple of weeks ago the Brussels Journal reprinted a story run by the Washington time: Global Warming: Relax and Enjoy. Yes, this is old news, so why bring it up? From Pajamas Media we hear that senator Inhofe today published a booklet (pdf) asking the global warming crowd some tough questions.

The refreshing bit is that the booklet does not try to deny global warming, it argues that it is not at all sure that the current warming is man-made, that we've had climate scare-mongering before (1930's and more notably in the 1970's, when global *cooling* was all the rage). It also puts some serious accusations of plain bad science before the global warming crowd. Questions that need to be answered.

I am starting to get the uneasy feeling we're taken for a ride. And not to a good place, like Disney Land. This past week not a single night went by the the Dutch 8 o'clock news did not carry a story linking distaster to global warming and linking global warming to human activity (as a given). Yet there are some serious questions ignored and actively downplayed that would put a serious dent in the assertions of the man-made character of global warming. Just read the intriguing story about the debunking of the Hockey Stick graph by McKitrick and McIntyre. The Inhofe booklet offers a lot more examples of science that has been conveniently ignored to keep man-made global warming alive.

So how come that governments the world over are latching on to the idea of man-made global warming? A serious clue is found on page 8 of the booklet:
French President Jacques Chirac provided the key clue as to why so many in the international
community still revere the Kyoto Protocol, who in 2000 said Kyoto represents “the first component of an authentic global governance.
Let's look at the implications of that statement. Kyoto was a UN inititiative. If Kyoto was "the first component of an authentic global governance" then the UN would be the government in question, wouldn't it? Thus it seems that Kyoto is presented as the first time the UN makes and attempt at a global power grab. So is l'escroc admitting to a global coup d'etat by the transnational clique?

It thus seems the greatest threat of global warming is NOT climactic upheaval (or downheaval, who knows?) and the disasters it might or might not bring. Humans have been around for quite a while and have survived and are surviving in even the most extreme of climatic conditions.

No, the greatest threat seems to be that the meme of man-made global warming is used by ailing tranzi organisations as yet another stick to beat the average citizen (and national government) into submission. Kyoto was used as an experiment to gauge the willingness of national governments to accept UN rule. And it has been a spectacular success.

Thus the experiences gained with the EU modus operandi are now apparently being applied on the global level, bringing national states under a 'government' of yet more unelected, unaccountable functionaries of limited competence (casu quo Kofi Annan). That seems to be the true danger of global warming.

Having said that I encourage you to read the Brussels Journal link. It's an entertaining piece, the conclusion of which I would like to share with you all:
During periods of global warming, some areas will become drier and less hospitable for agricultural, but just as many, or more, areas are likely to become wetter and more hospitable for food production (and living), such as Canada and Siberia. There is no evidence of species extinction during previous periods of global warming. Sea levels have slowly risen for hundreds of years, and the evidence is they will continue rising at the same slow and highly manageable rate. And, finally, the evidence is that severe storms are less frequent and intense during the warm than during the colder periods.

So relax and enjoy the few extra days of summer and the milder winters – like our Roman and Viking ancestors did.
Don't believe the hype! Who would ever have guessed Public Enemy would be the purveyors of practical wisdom?

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