Infiltration succesfull

In the run-up to the elections Klein Verzet reported about the attempts by nationalist Turks in the Netherlands to subvert the election process in reaction to the Armenian genocide issue. The affair cause the big parties in the Netherlands some considerable headaches.

But not enough, as it turns out. In a surprise turn of event liberal democrat (D66) MP Bert Bakker, third on the D66 list, lost his seat in Second Chamber by preferential votes to Fatma Koser Kaya. Whence all those preferential votes were coming was exposed by NOVA last night. Brussels Journal already did a good write up, which saves me the trouble of doing it myself. In short: the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs called upon Turks in the Netherlands to give their vote to Koser Kaya, with obvious success.

According to Brussels Journal:
[T]he Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted Ankara about the affair. The Turkish Minister of Religious Affairs said he knows nothing about an e-mail. Minister Aydin added that if this e-mail had indeed been sent he strongly condemns it. “We do not interfere in the internal politics of our friends,” he said. Aydin’s collaborator Alaybeyoglu, the man who allegedly sent the e-mail, said that several people have access to his e-mail address. According to the Dutch ministry the matter is still under investigation.
So we now have the unique situation that we have an MP in Dutch parliament who is demonstrably a representative of a foreign power. Whatever ms. Koser Kaya may be thinking herself, whatever she stands for herself (and I have no indication whatsoever that despite her exasperating left wing delusions she's consciously committed to evil) her seat is tainted by the interference of the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs. For the sake of purity of he democratic process in the Netherlands some correction seems to be in order. And will probably not be forthcoming...

[UPDATE001] And now the nationalist Turks are angry they've been found out.

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