Islam turning on itself?

So by now we've witnessed on the evening news the *cough* uplifting sight of Palestinians moving towards a new unity government that will jump start the Palestinian economy and make it a Middle East tiger. I can only begin to imagine the Schadenfreude taking over those at the other side of the Gaza-Israeli border. At least is seems to have put such a dent into the number of daily Qassams flying into Israel that the Islamic Jihad thought it necessary to remind Fatah and Hamas what they're there for. As such...

But that does not seem to be all. Online magazine BusinessOnline predicts:
[T]he first 21st century clash of civilisations – if there is to be one – will not pit Christians against Muslims but one branch of Islam against another. In yet another escalation of the Middle East crisis sparked by the disastrous American-led occupation of Iraq, The Business has learnt that, in response to Shia Iran’s ambitions to possess a nuclear arsenal, Sunni Saudi Arabia has plans to create a nuclear capability of its own. In a development that risks turning the Middle East into a nuclear powder keg, Western and Middle Eastern sources have told this magazine that, if and when it is clear that Iran has the bomb (or is close to it), the Saudis will respond by buying one from Pakistan, a fellow Sunni state. They would also likely purchase Pakistani ballistic missiles to replace the Chinese ones they bought in the 1980s. Everything is already in place for this to happen.
Though I don't like the gratuitous dig at the Bush administration the piece is very informative and readable. Highly recommended (if a little disturbing...).

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