The politics of Eurabia

After the slaying of Theo van Gogh by a Dutch Muslim the Dutch politicians were quick to declare that freedom of speech should not be used irresponsible. Implying that if Theo had been a good Dhimmi he would still be living and the Netherlands would still be a peaceful multicultural society. So they ordered an investigation to see if they could curtail the freedom of speech to exclude offensive remarks and blasphemy.

Now the researchers have presented their findings to parliament. They conclude that the law gives the state enough ways to prosecute in these kinds of cases, but the government does not use its power. Thus they advice a more active prosecution of racist and hate mongers, especially those on the Internet. According to them the right of freedom of speech does not allow people to be called inferior only because of their religion. Police and the justice department should prosecute these kinds of remarks, incases they are not a viable contribution to the public debate.

Some researchers they are. When people get killed for their opinions one should worry about the speech and not the killers who end it. They come up with a solution only the totally ignorant of freedom can do: let the state enforce the political correct bandwidth for free speech more often. Only when it really adds to the political debate, we should allow deviations.

By pure coincidence the interior minister Remkes, who is responsible for the Dutch intelligence, reported today that his intelligence service was not to blame for their inaction around the time of the murder of Theo van Gogh. Although at the time all intelligence services were warned that a jihad attack on a European opinion maker was eminent, the services did not act.

Before the attack, the Dutch intelligence service even had Mohammed Bouyeri, the killer of The van Gogh, already for months under surveillance. But they stopped monitoring him just before the attack, so they say (sorry we lost the wire tap tapes). They now say, they did not think Bouyeri was important. But during the trials against Bouyeri and his radical friends, he was promoted to leader of the group. But according to minister Remkes now, Bouyeri was just so fast radicalized, that the service did not notice. Yeah right.

With news like this, it’s hard not to think about Bat Ye’Or her book Eurabia. But I am afraid its even worse that that. It’s more likely that its just gross incompetence mixed with ignorance and ideological idiocy.


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