The politics of idealism

As you could read in the previous posting, the Dutch politicians are very busy with them selves. They are busy sending away a minister who is already leaving, but is not yet replaced. Why would want anybody to do such a futile thing? Well, Dutch politicians are idealist. They are not bothered by practical facts like that. Why wait for a new government to execute new policies? It’s the idea, the intention that counts, not the practical results. Incidentally the local TV station reported a story that illustrates the result of this kind of irresponsible idealism that ignores reality:

Fine for hurting burglar

In the middle of the night mister Ab Rezee sees three burglars near his neighbor’s house. He takes he peace of wood and investigates. When he is near, the thieves surround him but after hitting one of them on the hat he is able to escape. Only to discover later that one of the thieves filed a complaint with the police. The justice department acts directly and Rezee is fined 150 euro with an 2 years probation. Justice has been done; it’s against the law to premeditated arm one self with a stick. The burglars are still waiting for their trail.

Completely in-line with the Dutch politicians choice for ideals first; the Justice department has upheld the ideals of a non-violent society. Justice has been done.

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