A question of relevance

In the battle against all things EU mr Richard North of EU Referendum comes up with a very, very good point:

The way to fight the anti-EU battle is on "relevance". On all the important issues of today - the really important issues - the EU is either an irrelevance or a handicap. The idea that membership of the EU is the way forward, the future, has long gone. Soon enough it will dawn on people that the are paying a huge amount for something that doesn't actually matter - that they don't actually need. And that is what will kill the "project".
Given the tremendously efficient Single Market Compliance investments European companies have to make and the fact that the EU has not been able, for the last 12 years, to manage the books one wonders why the general populace hasn't revolted violently before now. But in the end it will come down to this: People will wonder whether just how usefull the EU really is. And when they find it lacking they *will* vote for the parties that'll let them keep their hard earned money and not spend it on an inept and irrelevant circus with delusions of competence.

It's just a matter of time.

[UPDATE001] The Brussels Journal Paul Belien also has some thoughts on the subject.

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