State run propaganda

It’s amazing how openly and how comprehensive the use of propaganda in the Netherlands now is. All Dutch TV and radio channels have commercials filled with direct state propaganda. Also the news and talk shows are filled with political correct mumbo jumbo. So I could hardly imagine things could get worse. But I was wrong. The left wing election victory seems to do wonders.

Today newspaper Trouw reports that the government regulated public broadcasters now have set mandatory quotas for immigrants (warning newspeak: substitute ‘Muslim’ for each word ‘immigrant’). This means public broadcasters now have to fill their programs with a mandatory number of multicultural items, a minimum number of immigrant guests and minimum number of immigrant presenters. Even the a Dutch police detective must now going to include multicultural themes.

When reading other news today, I noticed this headline: “Amsterdam high school pupils for free to Al Gore movie”. The story below it reports that after the city of Wageningen and Eindhoven, now also the city of Amsterdam offers free movie tickets for ‘An Inconvenient Truth' of Al Gore. A majority of the municipality council thinks it is important that pupils are ‘informed’ about climate change. The plan cost Amsterdam tax-payers 15.000 euros.

Meanwhile I keep pondering how to translate the words ‘critical thinking’ in Dutch. Any one?

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