80% of Dutch Somali woman genitally mutilated

Dutch newspaper Trouw reports that 80% of Dutch Muslim woman who’s parents come from countries like Somalia, Sudan, Guinea, Eritrea and Ethiopia are genitally mutilated. In 2005 a Dutch governmental commission estimated that at least 50 woman a year where genitally mutilated in The Netherlands. That’s about 0.4% of the described group, instead of the 80% that's now reported. The new estimates come from Zahra Abdi, a niece of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and are confirmed by others.

In the newspaper article she says that the mothers don’t do it them selves. Dutch law prohibits it, so they take their daughters to other European countries or to Somalia. They can for example go on holiday to London where a Somali doctor runs a special clinic for it.

The article reports that it starts at age 4...

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