Amsterdam professor: Force kids in sex

Gert Hekma teaches gay and lesbian studies in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He also organizes this years Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam, where for the first time ever, there will be a float for children between the ages of 12-17. And he has some strong views on adult-child sexual relations (NL):
I think children need to be forced. Children are obnoxious creatures one needs to set straight once every while, including about sex
I really do not know how to respond to this. Just when you think the Netherlands has hit rock bottom, somebody like Hekma is coming out of the woodworks and does a little digging of his own.

Never mind the obvious regressive thinking in a society where boys from an early age learn that 'No means no'. The quote given above is so blatantly predatory, it so openly justifies childmolesting, that it beggars belief. Especially in light of the position of this 'man'.

To get the full view of the thinking of Hekma (how on Gods sweet Earth did a creature like this EVER attain tenure. I think we can disqualify UvA as a serious institution of learning if they continue to throw money away on the likes of Hekma) take a gander at this here, A long lament Hekma made at Harvard U. about the Netherlands not being liberal enough (to his taste, anyway).

Yet another 'not proud being a Lowlander' moment. This story will likely be downplayed by Dutch MSM (and who can blame them, really. Not a good way of advertizing ones country or one of its great universities). But this story need to go far and wide. Hekma should be subject to such a storm of (international) indignation he will have no option but to resign and go into hiding.

[UPDATE001] The original interview (NL) can be found here. The site is of an interest group for pedophiliacs, the same as was behind and connected to that infamous 'Pedo-party' that wanted to enter the general elections last November.

The Rector Magnificus of the UvA can be reached under, be polite and civilized if you decide to contact him. He's just the boss of this miscreant.

[UPDATE002] The good professor has experienced some fierce reactions (NL) to his utterings. According to himself he was 'flooded with death threats'. And he made the lamest attempt in human history to justify his quoted endorsement of forced child sex. From the link, translation is mine:
'Forced' was meant in a critical and ironic way. We help children in traffic and maybe we must help children along in sex too. It really is not my intention to force them into having sex. Against coercion in education we have no objections just like with all sorts of other things children need to learn. About sex we are being very difficult. What makes sex so special so special and so dangerous for children while most adults find it one of the most pleasurable things in life?
I for one fail to see the irony. Beyond redemption, this man.

In the mean time the board of the University van Amsterdam refuses to speak on the matter, claiming the interview was 'on personal title' and nothing to do with the UvA. Well, we should make it their business. Email adress is provided in UPDATE001 above.

Het Vrije Volk (NL) is insisting on "immediate dishonorable discharge, without severance pay or some such" for Gert Hekma.

[UPDATE004] In the Volkskrant of Saturday (NL) the dear professor feels very sorry for himself. But in teh entire piece his opinions on children and sex with adults are curiously missing. The hypocritical pervert misrepresents the affair, saying he received them for his support of the float for children between the ages of 12-17 in this years Gay Parade. Thus the people disagreeing with him are made out to be homophobic yokels.

If I may (re-)quote: "I think children need to be forced. Children are obnoxious creatures one needs to set straight once every while, including about sex". The entire affair has nothing to do with homophobic tendencies. It has everything to do with righteous indignation at a justification of child molesting (if somewhat poorly expressed).

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