Blood on their hands...

Ah, the French. International politics would be so much duller without them.

The latest episode is the cooling relation between France and Rwanda, a former colony. Rwanda severed ties with France and closed the French embassy late November last, after France judges recommended indicting Rwanda president Kagame and other senior officials (all of them Tutsi) for allegedly being involved with the downing of the airplane carryinh then (Hutu) president Juvenal Habyalimana, that precipitated the infamous Rwanda mass killings.

In The Times an article appeared, that casts some very, very dubious light on the role of French politics in the Rwandan affair:
In April 1994 the French Embassy became the setting for the formation of the extremist Hutu Government that was to organise and carry out the meticulously planned genocide of the Tutsis. Witnesses spoke of these ministers, many now facing life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, sitting in plush embassy chairs comparing notes on where the killing was going best. Their host, the French Ambassador, later helped to evacuate those extremists to Paris, away from the apocalypse they had created. The ambassador then made a bonfire of two rooms piled high with documents linking his Government with that of the Hutu dictatorship of Juvénal Habyarimana.
Do we really want to be associated with these people in a political union such as the EU is intended to be?

There's more in the article linked to, including brazen French efforts to protect and support the perpetrators after during and after the murdering orgy. But the piece ends with a recommendation that I would like to share with everyone:
There seems to be an unwritten rule among Western leaders not to question each other’s foreign policies too closely. But genocide cannot be allowed to be so cynically forgotten. Tony Blair [and all other EU member state PMs, for that matter - KV] has a duty to ask some deeply troubling questions about how and why the Élysée supported a genocidal government before, during and after one of the most appalling episodes of killing the world has ever seen. He may put at risk having some of his own skeletons unearthed. But the dead and the traumatised survivors in Rwanda deserve such belated recognition — and respect.

[INSTANT UPDATE] EU Referendum wrote about French involvement already back in October. Unfortunately nobody, least of all the MSM seems to have picked up on the story in any meaningful manner. Probably because back then the evidence was a few uncorroborated testimonies. But since then the story seems to have fleshed out. Somebody (and preferably more then one person) in the MSM should be sitting up and start paying attention here (the writer said eternally optimistic *sigh*).

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