Bush will replace John Bolton with a Muslim

With the Democratic election victory last year, the first Muslim entered American congress. But now ABC, Washington Times and FOX report that Bush wants to replace the tough UN critique Bolton by a Muslim. Zalmay Khalilzad a Sunni could be nominated as soon as tomorrow Fox says.

So far for the insights of the US administration of the ideological struggle we are in. I kind of like to compare this to the hypothetical situation in that Ronald Reagon would let go UN ambassador Kirkpatrick and replace him by a friendly conservative communist from Russian decent. Of course that could never have happened at the time, but than again, at that point in time the UN was not a communist stronghold as it now is a Islamic stronghold…

Regular Americans seem to respond differently, check this story: FoxNews - Texas Man Stages Pig Races to Protest Islamic Neighbor's Plans to Build Mosque

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