Calling all Netherlanders

So I just wrote something about
the endless series of violent and intolerant incidents involving 'Finns' (since PC convention forbids us to identify the culprits correctly. With apologies to our Scandinavian brethren) that are consistently not reported by the MSM
I merrily continue reading the blogs and I find this gem on PeakTalk:
The Netherlands needs to wake up and take action to reduce rising ethnic tension between different groups of youths, a senior government advisor warned on Wednesday. Dick Corporaal, charged with monitoring youth flash-points by integration minister Rita Verdonk, said that if the country is not careful, things could get out of control.

‘We will have a situation like France,’ he told NOS radio, referring to riots in the Paris suburbs last year.
Anybody seen or heard anything about this being reported in the Dutch MSM? Because I haven't...

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