Countering propaganda

While the Dutch government tries to indoctrinate the school children with Al Gore his movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth', I would like to recommend the antidote: Mine Your Own Business.

From the Mine Your Own Business website:

In Mine Your Own Business, McAleer -- described by the Wall Street Journal as "Michael Moore..[but] without the smug liberal hypocrisy” -- travels the world as he investigates the consequences of environmental movements for poor communities in Europe, Africa and South America.


According to McAleer, "What we found was not pretty. Much of the activists claimed about various anti-mine campaigns was based on exaggeration and misleading use of information. Even worse was the attitude of foreign environmentalists who lead these campaigns towards the people they claimed to be working for,” McAleer added. "They really do believe that people in remote areas are ‘poor but happy.’ Of course, the people who live in poverty disagree.”


Mine Your Own Business, the world's first anti-environmentalist documentary.

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