Danish Little Resistance getting serious

Via On the Wings and Gates of Vienna.

The Danish organization SIAD, which translates into "Stop the Islamification of Denmark" has met with governmental obstruction of the 'blame the victim' type. In the words of Exile:
This organisation is made up of ordinary Danes with a peaceful and democratic message to all, but the Danish Minister for Justice, Lene Espersen, is denying them the right to publicly, and peacefully, go out and demonstrate by forbidding them to demonstrate because she fears for public order. Not from the demonstators, but from their critics.
Violent critics.
She fears the demonstration would cause public disorder because these peacable demonstrators would be attacked by their opponents.
When the good people of te SIAD did demonstrate, they were met with exactly the violence meant to intimidate we've come to expect from certain quarters:
A political meeting held by the Danish organisation "Stop Islamificering af Danmark" (SIAD) was given a dramatic ending yesterday when 8 hooded youths attacked the participants, according to the police.
The hooded youths forced their entry to the meeting and, according to one member of the society, shouted "You will die, pigs", before throwing a bottle.
Several of the participants followed the youths out to the door where a lot of pushing and shoving went on and more bottles were thrown. 2 of the participants were slightly injured but were treated on the spot.

After the attack the youths ran off and changed clothes in a nearby doorway, before leaving the area.
All of which leaves Exile to muse:
[SIAD] simply want to ensure that Denmark remains what it is. A free democratic society and homeland for the Danes.
Strangely, the government, or rather the minister for justice, will not allow them to demonstrate publicly. [...] The present government is oriented to the right of Danish politics. Are they not aware, that SIAD is probably one of their supporters?

Do I spy political capitulation here?
But SIAD is gaving none of it, apparently. In fact, they've gone on the offensive, filing charges against Minister of Justice Lene Espersen, Chief Police Inspector Per Larsen and Police Director Hanne Bech.
The step was taken because SIAD is furious that the police, according to the group, have not utilized enough resources to solve a violent attack against several members of the party, and because the Copenhagen Police have disallowed a demonstration by the party on Blågårdsgade in Nørrebro.
Score one, yet again, for the Danes. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Expect updates when there's significant developments.

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