A dire warning

Last week Islam in Europe relayed the news that the Dutch CBS has calculated that by 2050 30% of inhabitants in the Netherlands will be 'allochtone'. As Esther of Islam in Europe rightly observed, this particular statistic seems overly rosy: Most of the immigrant and muslim population is to be found in major cities.These population groups tend to stay in the city and not spread around the country side, where the population remains mostly ethnically Dutch. So, question: If that is the case, the how large will be muslim contingent in Dutch major cities be to account for an overall fraction of 30%(1)?

The Jerusalem Post today posted an op-ed by Michael Freund:
If you ever wanted to see Paris or Rome before you die, but haven't had a chance to do so, you might want to hurry. Soon enough, most of what we now think of as Western Europe will be transformed into a branch of the Muslim world, which is sure to make it an even less welcoming place for Americans, Israelis and for Jews.

That, at least, is the unpleasant, yet entirely unavoidable conclusion to be drawn from Europe's headlong demographic drive toward oblivion.
That demographic drive over the cliffs edge has been noted before, of course, most notably by Mark Steyn.But Freund gives a jarring illustration of just how general the headlong race into extinction in Europe has become:
As columnist Mark Steyn points out in his must-read new book, America Alone, "What's the Muslim population of Rotterdam? Forty percent. What's the most popular baby boy's name in Belgium? Mohammed. In Amsterdam? Mohammed. In Malmo, Sweden? Mohammed."

Last month, the UK Daily Telegraph reported that, "Mohammed, and its most common alternative spelling Muhammad, are now more popular babies' names in England and Wales than George."
This might sound like right wingnut alarmist drivel, but even on the left the consequences of European birthrates has been noted (and accepted) as illustrated by that infamous quote of that equally infamous Jens Orback:
We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.
Then again, does it really have to be like that? Sure if absolutely nothing changes, the islamification of Europe continues apace and I and many more like me will eventually live out their days in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But things *are* changing. Despite all the MSM white-washing and outright propaganda and the political refusal to recognize multiculturalism for the poisonous cocktail of collectivism and self-hatred that really it is the populations around Europe are slowly becoming aware of the enemy within. Mabye it's the trickle-up effect of all us lowly bloggers together. Maybe it is the surprising capability of the average citizen to look through the obvious propaganda a recognize the facts for what they are(2). Maybe it's the slowly increasing irritation of the real Dutch (autochtone as well as allochtone) with the constant whining, wailing and whimpering of muslim Dutch (and muslim Euros in general). Maybe a combination of all of the above. But changing they are.

At this point I will not (yet) give in, wail 'All is lost' and move to a little house on the prairie. Nationally and internationally push back is building up. If it ever comes to a shooting war with Iran, around Europe the different loyalties will come into much sharper contrast as they are now. Between nations as well as between individuals. And I still believe that when push comes to shove at least the Dutch will see truth and recognize propaganda for what it is. They did it before, after all.

Which is not to say that Freund (and Steyn) write complete hogwash. Though I disagree the whole thing is all but a done deal, their writing does serve us with a strong warning what we stand to lose (ourselves) if we do not pay attention. A warning that must be heeded.

(1) See also PeakTalk

(2) In that regard the Danish Motoon crisis and the Benedict drama have left a definite mark on the consciousness of the average Dutch citizen. So much so, that only half a word is enough for everyone to get what one is talking about. Nevermind the endless series of violent and intolerant incidents involving 'Finns' (since PC convention forbids us to identify the culprits correctly. With apologies to our Scandinavian brethren) that are consistently not reported by the MSM, but find their way to a larger audience through (in)famous blogs like GeenStijl.

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