Fjordman Files update

Two new pieces by the indomitable Fjordman. First there's Sweden: The Country that Sacrifices its Children, and Celebrates over at Gates of Vienna, in which Fjordman points out how the much vaunted 'Swedish Model' is letting down Swedish children.

The second piece, over at Brussels Journal is called On Fascism and Islamophobia. In it Fjordman delves into the close links netween socialism fascism and other totalitarian ideologies, and argues that
‘Islamophobia’ is a word concocted to intimidate those who are rightly troubled, and more than troubled, by what they have learned of Islam largely through the observable behavior of Muslims not only in the West, but around the world.
Read it all.

[UPDATE001] And another one at GoV: The Rise of Glossocracy.

The Rise of Glossocracy
On Fascism and Islamophobia
Sweden: The Country that Sacrifices its Children, and Celebrates
France and the Iranian Revolution
Marxism or Decadence? The Cause of Western Weakness
Multiculturalism and the Enlightenment
Is Islam Compatible with Democracy? part III
Sweden: Politicians Call for Foreign Language Ban in Schools
Why I Criticize Irshad Manji
Raped in Oslo

For more Fjordman check the Fjordman Files.

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