Incoming fatwa in three... two... one...

Dutch Foreign affairs minister Ben Bot got himself into hot water today. In a small Brazilian newspaper, called the Correio Braziliense he commented on the character of some minorities in Dutch society:
There is a small group of immigrants that carries intolerance in their genes
Nothing shocking, really. Except when one is a Turkish journo, particularly if one works for the Turkish Daily News:
Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot claimed this week that 'genes' are behind Muslim intolerance in his country that played a role in a politician's murder and complicated the integration of immigrants in his country. 'They have different genes, so they are less tolerant. The murderers of Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh taught us a lesson,' Bot said in comments published Tuesday in Brazilian daily Correio Braziliense. Other comments, and his inference that race played a role in the murders of two Dutch political figures, drew reaction in Brazil that is likely to echo elsewhere.
As Geenstijl (NL) points out, reaction in the muslim world seems to be swift and abundant, as it usually is in these cases of slighted 'innocense'.

And as usual there is close to nothing about it in Dutch MSM. I just hope our embassies have been advised on the situation. Time to stock up on fire extinguishers, methinks.

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